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My Happiness Project

As inspired by Gretchin Rubin

12 months of me aspiring to be more happy

I embarked on the year long happiness journey once before. Back then, I was much younger and at a very different stage in life. But after suggesting the titled book "The Happiness Project" by Gretchin Rubin, to a friend; I set out to re-listen to the 9 hour audiobook, narrated by Gretchin, herself. I listened to each of Gretchin's labeled months, filled with intentions on connection, joy, and rediscovering time as a precious currency. Mid audiobook, I decided to launch into my own intentional road to more happiness. The following is a layout of my upcoming project, starting from June 2023 and ending in May 2024. Some of the intentions I adopted and modified from Gretchin's original list, simply because it resonated with my own goals of happiness.

Month 1 (June 2023)-Project Boost Energy

This month is dedicated to regaining my life force of energy, vibrance and overall wellbeing. I vow to take my supplements (liquid fish oil with vitamin D, plant-based multi-vitamin, and probiotic), to drink 80 ounces of alkaline or spring water, to do some intentional minimizing of cluttered closets, to walk my beloved cavalier Oliver, for 2-3 miles daily (when not at doggy daycare), to lift weights to build strength and structure for 5-6 days a week, to get a meal delivery service for budgeting and ease during the summer months, to get an alarm clock and remove all electronics from the bedroom to avoid EMF emissions and to incorporate better sleep, and limit technology to business related social media and audiobooks.

Month 2 (July 2023)-Project unfinished "to dos"

This month is dedicated to tying up those lengthy but simple "To Do" lists and feeling "caught up"

I vow to make a full list of all of the items that will take less than a day to do and time block them on my online calendar for a visual plan to get them completed. Such tasks like taking an ethics training for my clinical licensures, finalizing my Somatic Experience certificates needed for submission, 2 months of back accounting, cleaning my patio, and creating necessary templates for my contracted clinical role. Whatever makes it on the full list will get done the month of July.

month 3 (august 2023)-project budget Ramsey style

This month is dedicated to implementing all the financial teachings I have learned from completing the financial peace university training with Dave Ramsey.

I vow to make an accurate budget (using the Every Dollar App) and to minimize impulsive spending, make a concerted effort to pay off any debt, to increase income with part-time employment or increase business income, and to finish building a 3-6 month emergency fund while planning 15% for investments. I vow to start looking for more yard space and a budget friendlier house for my ending lease.

month 4 (September 2023)-Project be hormonally healthy

This month is dedicated to decreasing the hormone-disrupting items in my household.

I vow to eat a diet that aids in healthy, balanced hormones, to eliminate toxic plastic containers from my cupboards, to decrease toxic cosmetics and toiletries and to eliminate toxic hormone-disrupter chemicals from my cleaning supplies.

month 5 (October 2023)-project mindfully move/togetherness

This month is dedicated to organizing, mindfully moving and preparing for married life.

I vow to Marie Kondo (please watch this amazing Netflix special if you have not already) my apartment, to organize and label items to move and sell unnecessary items on marketplace. I vow to make time to plan for a life worth living in a partnership, by not avoiding difficult topics out of fear but initiating them.

month 6 (November 2023)-project aim higher

This month is dedicated to increasing community with work connections and aiming higher in business (I'm halfway there!)

I vow to start networking and building connections with fellow clinicians in the area. I vow to get an office or join a community counseling group for professionals. I vow to become well versed with business social media, maintain my weekly bog, and post regularly. I vow to expand my business without fear, limits or hesitations.

month 7 (December 2023)-project plan for the life I want

This month is dedicated to planning for the life I want

I vow to learn about the mini cows, goats and other domestic animals I want to have, to take a class on basic gardening for vegetables and herbs I want to grow, to save money for the land I want for my animals, and to research land in the area.

month 8 (January 2024)-project digital cleanse

This month is dedicated to organizing my digital world

I vow to go through all email accounts, create folders for organization and unsubscribe from unwanted spam emails. I vow to go through my computer folders, organize and delete any unwanted files. I vow to go through my phone and delete any duplicate or unwanted pictures or files and clear out any unused or unnecessary apps.

month 9 (February 2024)-project get involved

This month is dedicated to getting involved in my personal community

I vow to join a group for a shared activity, to find a place to volunteer my time and energy, to join others in spirituality and belief, and to attend any community events this month that spark joy.

month 10 (march 2024)-project kids or just Hobby farm

This month is dedicated to either foster children or being content with animals

I vow to learn about becoming a foster parent, to find ways to help foster families and children or to dedicate time to adopting animals in need for a hobby farm.

month 11 (April 2024)-project improving self

This month is dedicated to self-improvement through learning

I vow to take a class geared towards improving my self (e.g. finance, marketing, business related to social media, or lean a new skill). I vow to dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to honing my new skill all month.

month 12 (May 2024)-project bring it altogether

This month is dedicated to incorporating and practicing all elements of my 12-month happiness project.

Goals for Happiness Project by Month: 1-More energy, 2- Completed tasks, 3-Budget expert, 4-Hormone healthy lifestyle, 5-Living in harmony together, 6-Connected business owner, 7-Living the life I want (or on my way), 8-Cleansed digital life, 9-Connected community member, 10-Involved foster parent or hobby farm parent, 11-10% better me...….Practicing being the happy person I am, devoting time to efficiency and improvement and making time for connection and FUN! Cheers to more happiness!!!!!

Happiness is a fleeting concept. But if we view happiness as squeezing the joy out of every moment, making life more efficient and healthier and building stronger connections with our families and communities; than we are on our way to building more joy. I hope this can serve as a catalyst for you to launch your own happiness project this year. I'd love to hear how it goes, what struggles you had and what worked. Let's be vulnerably happy together!!

I just want to make a special thank you to the author of the happiness project- Gretchin Rubin for motivating my own self-growth and helping people prepare for a happier life.

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