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It's all learning and leveling up

What's the drama with trauma

We used to think that trauma was something that would permanently “debilitate” our ability to cope, function and thrive. I am happy to say that nothing could be farther from the truth. Trauma is actually on a spectrum, meaning there are various levels and severities; all of which can actually improve our adaptability, resilience, and empathy for others. I often tell my clients/patients that being a trauma survivor breeds special “superpowers” of hypervigilance, intuition and empathetic understanding. A humbleness that more often than not, allows us to be chameleons of change and compassionate observers to the human condition. What this means is that as long as there is breath in your body, there is an opportunity for growth, learning and leveling up on this journey called life. None of us get out alive. Which means, no one can do life wrong.

what makes me an expert???

As a somatic therapist, I am generally concerned with the nervous system and how it responds to various threats in the environment. We are all primal beings when it comes to survival and, when presented with a threat, all of our complex thinking gets tossed out the window. As a personal trauma survivor, and someone that probably didn’t just “fall” into this line of work, I can say with assurance and ease, “You are not alone, You are not damaged, I see you, I am you, and You are loved and accepted.”

Now to avoid activating the nervous systems of any readers who might stumble upon this blog; this post is to provide perspective and ease.

Presently (personally and professionally) I am happy, I am healing, and I am loved. I feel acceptance for the lessons that got me to this place and grateful for the guidance that trauma, pain and love has taught me. I am not angry, most days, or caught in triggered pain responses plaguing my everyday life. I am beautifully emotional and empathetic because of these experiences and feel purpose in the pain. I have removed myself from the generational cycles of trauma, which at times has felt lonely, but necessary, and has allowed for more joy and vulnerability to enter into the cracks of my, sometimes, walled up and timid heart. I share your experiences of grief, sadness and anxiety and I am telling you there is a way through it. With that said, (if you’re even still reading this long-winded introduction) let’s begin…

the inspiration

After binge watching almost two seasons of “Ginny & Georgia,” a fictional-drama hosted by Netflix; I decided it was time to craft my own, non-fictional drama, through blogging. I sat for hours watching the series, titrating between coffee and hot chocolate. Without notice, the morning began to blend into the night until it was morning again. I watched this show as if it were scripting out my childhood. The story line, character development and details of that show became eerily familiar. Now of course no one in my family has added murder or embezzlement to the roster of their accomplishments. In fact, to anyone looking in from the outside, we all look fairly normal and perhaps even dull. But regardless of appearance, it was indeed the catalyst for starting this blogging journey.

don't stop believing

The journey of healing is arduous and one that lasts a lifetime. The purpose of healing is a gradual jog, not a sprint. And the destination is unknown; much like a nomadic exploration, one that goes on and off course, with intention and meaning.

Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure of journeying, side-by-side with my clients/patients and baring witness to the miraculous change that happens when you simply “show up and support” someone. So with that said… it is the marriage of both my personal journey and the ones that I have been professionally privileged to go on with others, that I write this blog.

We all want to find our tribe of people that will accept our fallible selves with open arms. We want to share our experiences of pain and grief with our community and find acceptance. We have a basic need to receive all aspects of love to thrive (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). A need that is often hard to obtain in this digital and divided world. I am writing with the simple intent of therapeutically putting pen to paper (more like text to website). I do not need this blog to trend or go viral. Nor do I need it to reach a large audience to feel it personally worthwhile. But my hope is that it will find its way to someone mindlessly scrolling (as we all do). Someone needing reassurance that the only purpose in life is to be human. Which IS in fact, the greatest shared experience anyone will ever face.

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